The way to beautiful skin

a patented method of advanced Japanese Face Lifting

Hadado® is a patented method of advanced Japanese Face Lifting.

There are many forms of massage techniques in Japan, many of them based on simple lifting techniques to emphasize light massage or to stimulate shiatsu acupressure points.

Hadado® [美肌 道] is the master level of Japanese massage arts and means “way to beautiful skin”. It is a combination of the ancient, most advanced Kobido techniques with modern knowledge and techniques of myofascial work or work with adipose tissue.

There are nearly 100 techniques in Hadado®

and they are divided into categories. Each of these categories uses a unique combination of techniques and procedures adapted to problematic zones, which translates into a spectacular effect after the first massage sessions. These techniques involve bending, straightening and interlacing the hands or fingers during application. Single techniques may be considered a basic massage, but there are actually subtle changes in the shape of movement, pace and depth of work, resulting in multi-layered work on the surface of the skin, adipose tissue, fascia and muscles. Categories of movements are selected individually according to the indications and problems with which the client comes to us.

Hadado® is more than just a massage

Thanks to a holistic approach, multi-layer work and targeted techniques, it is an alternative to invasive aesthetic medicine treatments. At work, we focus on specific areas: • neckline lifting; • the problem of the double chin and the “widow’s hump”; • eye area problem with swelling and drooping eyelid; • nasolabial folder ; • drooping mouth corners and cheeks

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